Yoga Moves

Nothing like starting your day breathing fresh air and saluting to the sun.

While sun salutations are a good way to stay in shape thanks to their stretching and cardiovascular effect on the body, the movement also has an impact on other areas of your mind and soul. Daily practice maintains blood flow, and supports your digestive, respiratory, and circulatory system.

Honouring the sun through the dynamic Surya Namaskar sequence can be performed any time during the day, though at sunrise you may find it is both calming and meditative for the mind thanks to the light’s connection with yoursolar plexus.

Namaskar is a Sanskrit word that stems from namas, meaning ‘to bow to’ or ‘to adore’ (A more familiar phrase to yoga practitioners is, namastete meaning ‘you’—, and is used to finish and honour the end of a class)

Sun salutations begin and end with hands joined mudra (gesture) and touched to the heart.

The heart knows your truth and beauty and giving thanks sets you up for a day of gratitude and enlightenment.